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West Michigan Construction Alliance

Learn more about the Alliance here.


Why Be a Signatory Contractor?

Take a look at some of the benefits of being a signatory contractor.

Code of Excellence Sample Document: In Support of Job Site Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

This document provides information about the importance of on-going dedication to customer satisfaction and job site excellence.

Facts About Union Construction

Here are some interesting facts and statistics about the construction industry.

Building Better: A Look at Best Practices for the Design of Project Labor Agreements

Learn more about project labor agreements (PLAs), the value they can add and how to properly organize them.

Project Labor Agreements

Learn more about project labor agreements (PLAs) including: what they are, how they can vary, the impact they can have and more in this comprehensive report by Dale Belman, Ph.D., Matthew M. Bodah, Ph.D. and Peter Phillips, Ph.D.

Project Labor Agreement Fact Sheet

Here are some FAQs regarding project labor agreements (PLAs).

Project Labor Agreements - A Community Benefit: West Michigan Building & Construction Trades Council

This document highlights how Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) provide valuable opportunities to various public and private individuals and entities including: contractors, businesses, taxpayers and more.

Know What You Lose: 1099 Independent Contractors in Michigan Construction

Find out who is classified as an independent contractor and what you need to know if you are one.

The Associated Builders & Contractors Study

This study analyzes the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) from various perspectives as well as their recent electronic issue advocacy.